Our services

We put effort in innovation, modernization and simplicity in every service we provide.

Responsive design

Websites must look good on all different screens. The art of managing this is called responsive design, an art we master to the tips of our fingers.

iOS & Android apps

We have developed Native App for all our products and have year of experience in the area. We use modern technologies to achieve the best native performance.

Administration system

We have extensive experience in developing tailored administrative solutions. Such solutions represent a digital IT revolution for users, as everyday life is simplified.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the use of methods that ensure that your website achieves a better visibility or "ranking" on the search engine's result pages. More organic traffic, more sales!

Transaction solutions

We deliver complete solutions, including agreements with card acquirers, payment terminals and SMS/MMS providers.

Email & hosting

Included in our A to Z philosophy in web production is handling your domain and your e-mail addresses. All our prices are competitive.

Our focus